Quote of the Week

When we get frightened, we want to control everything, and then we shut off the flow of our good. Trust life. Everything we need is here for us.

-Louise Hay - The Power is Within You



Episode 63 - Learned a lot from this book but it took me forever to finish it. Definitely worth the read.

Episode 36 (Book Club) - Cathy, Kirsten and I discuss

Episode 26 - Book Club book about forming and keeping habits. I'm only on page 25 and I've already learned a lot.

Episode 12 - We discuss this book.


From Episode 60 - Jen’s recommended book about fertility.

Episode 3 - Untangled is an essential read if you are raising a girl between ages 11 and 18. An excellent look into what is going on for them, and how to manage yourself in the process. Loved it!

Here’s a link to Miss Kristina’s (aka Rehya Stevens) brand new Christmas album. It’s lovely. Click the link to purchase for yourself. Happy Holidays!

Another from Episode 60 - Jen’s recommendation about adversity and grief.

Episode 19 - This book was very validating for me, and speaks to those who have had a rough upbringing. Powerful read.

I have not read this book but Vita from episode 64 recommended it.

Episode 17 - This is the book about having a Narssistic parent. It blew my mind when I first read it. I hope it helps you as well.

Another Vita Recommendation from Episode 64. About borderline personality disorder.

Episode 8 - Research on pleasing your man! It's a good one.

Gotta love the Vita recommendations. Here’s another from episode 64

Episode 30 - I haven't read it yet but plan to.

Episode 11 - This book is such a great resource for a parent of a child with Dyslexia. It helped me tremendously.