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Episode 68 on Resilience:

Here’s a link to Kirsten’s website and the MacDermott Method for Kids website.



A link to her book, It Takes Two Minutes, in the Food For Thought tab on this website.

From Episode #3  

The questions my therapist posed to me to determine:

Is Your Teenage Daughter OK? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is she completing her schoolwork?

  2. Is she hanging out with her friends?

  3. Is she eating?

  4. Is she hurting herself?

If the answer is yes to 1-3, and no to 4, she's just a normal, slightly psychotic, completely hormonal teenager.


21 Day Fix 

For help, go to www.beachbody.com or for help with recipes, go to www.21fixhub.com

I've had a lot of requests for me to post my first week of meals on Wifeotp.com. So here it is. Here are a few footnotes regarding my meal plans.

www.21dayfixhub.com was a great resource. I printed the worksheets below there and found tons of great recipes. I highly recommend it, as well as the 21 Day Fix Tracker App. It was THE key to my success. It really kept me honest as the days rolled on.

Again, for a 30-day free trial of Beachbody On Demand, text BERT to 303030.

I did not pre-measure anything, but I did shop ahead to make sure I had what I needed for the first 4 days of the week, at least. I would measure as I made each meal, thinking that would help me learn what my portions should be. 

I bought a rotisserie chicken from my local grocery store for lunches, chopped the chicken up and kept it in containers. That way, I could scoop out the correct number of containers for my salads at lunch.

Bert cooked a large piece of red meat, like flank steak, or a big porterhouse for dinner one night each week. He cooked WAY too much each time so I had plenty to add to salads at lunch. We would go ahead and slice it into thin slices after dinner so it was quick and easy to grab the right amount.

BV = Balsamic vinegarette dressing - I'm pretty easy to please, and don't get bored with dressing. I would mix 1T Olive Oil with 1T Balsamic vinegar. Add Dijon mustard and black pepper to taste. I would make enough for 2 or 3 days of lunch so I had it ready. You can also add minced garlic if you like.

Another easy dressing is to lightly drizzle Olive oil on your salad, add black pepper and either a squeeze of lemon or lime. It's very light and yummy.

PB2 is dehydrated peanut butter and it's AWESOME! And for whatever reason, the fat content is reduced drastically when it is dehydrated, so for tracking purposes, I shifted it to the orange container as a nut.

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21 Day Fix Tuesday.jpeg
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21 Day Fix Friday.jpeg
21 Day Fix Thursday.jpeg
21 Day Fix Saturday.jpeg
21 Day Fix Sunday.jpeg

Episode 19 - Addiction

Amy recommends this listening to these speeches about al-anon and aa.