Your Own Higher Standard

This week’s quote comes from Henry Ward Beecher. It’s about holding yourself to a higher standard. Not such an easy task all the time, but it is usually the path to ultimate fulfillment and highest self-esteem. This is innate in some people, and must be learned in others. I was lazy as a child, curious, but definitely lazy. When I became an adult, I started to realize some of my unhappiness was caused by my not holding myself to a higher standard. Sleeping late, blowing off basic stuff like returning phone calls or paying bills had become my habits. If you strive, everyday to do your best, to be excellent, you have very little to worry about when your head hits the pillow every night. Taking that extra minute to proof-read your email before you send tells yourself, quietly, that how you present yourself matters enough to go a little extra. Seems silly, I guess, but making holding yourself to a higher standard a habit, might be life changing. It might mean the difference between arrogance and healthy pride. I believe that arrogance comes from an inner knowledge that you did not do your best, that you cheated or lied or have no belief in yourself. Healthy pride comes from knowing, even if you suck or fail or fall and bust your ass, you did your best. Your tried your hardest. You held yourself responsible for a higher standard, and recovering and moving forward from those falls are much easier and you learn much more when you do your best.

LeeAnn Kreischer