Good Morning Vietnam!

My gut, always, says no to travel. “Wanna go to the Bahamas?” “NO!” Says my gut. Pass. Too much to do. I wrote about this last week, and now, being that I am in the middle of Hanoi, in a lovely hotel, having spent the week with one old friend and one new, in a country I have never been to, seeing mind blowing sights and eating god knows what, I have to say, all the prep was worth it. This country is so beautiful. The food is delicious, even the “street” food is delicious. You can check out my photos on my instagram lkreischer, so no need to describe what you can see. And even though I have had to put out fires at home, via text or phone, DAILY, I have enjoyed myself more than I expected. The ability to let go. The ABILITY to let go. I have that ability. I am so proud of myself for jumping into this experience (Bert would say he pushed me into it, but I disagree). I decided I would ignore the NO and become the YES!!! NO is about putting other people first. I am an expert at that! NO is about fear. I’m kinda good at that too. NO is a lack of vulnerability, which is something I’ve been trying to unleash since I decided as a child to never show anyone my underbelly. Too dangerous! But vulnerability is the way to all emotions. NO to myself is also a NO to what the universe is trying to GIVE to me. NO is a stop of flow. I am so glad I said YES!!!

LeeAnn Kreischer