Trusting Yourself

This week, I got an email from a very enlightened 23 year old. She has been in 2 relationships, both of which she knew were not right for her, and were disastrous. She wants to stay single, figure herself out, contemplate her “mistakes”, but everyone in her life, mom, dad, friends, co-workers, are all encouraging her to “get back out there.” SHE’S 23!!!! What’s the rush? I hate that we all feel there’s some big rush to have all the answers, why? It takes a lifetime to get all the answers and even at the end of your lifetime, there are still more questions. So why worry? Easier said than done. I want answers all the time. A “need to know” is what has driven me to be who I am. A “need to know” is healthy, as long as it doesn’t slow your progress too much. At some point, who knows when, you’ll have to jump back in. And if you are still making mistakes, be gentle. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat a 5 year old trying to learn how to build a Lincoln Log house that just won’t stay standing. How punitive would you be to that little person? What advice would you give your 5 year old self? How much patience and compassion would you show that little nipper. I bet, a TON. And there’d be ice cream! So pick yourself up, brush yourself off, start all over again. And remember, there are no mistakes, just lessons.

LeeAnn Kreischer