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Good morning everyone, or at least it’s morning where I am, right now. Thanks for reading my blog. Not really sure what one should say in a blog, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? I guess I will start simply by saying thank you so much for all your positivity and support while I figure out the process of podcasting. I am having so much fun, getting to know my friends better and better and learning along the way. I hope you are learning too, I think that’s what you’re supposed to do with life, be forever learning.

I thought I would include in my blog some thoughts about the Quote of the Day I posted for that particular week. These all come from my “bible”, the journal I created in 1996 to collect quotes from other accomplished people about how to live life, process or perceive life. With integrity and honesty, and all these quotes inspired me so much, I kept them in a journal I named My Bible. Some are from books, some from songs, some snippets of magazine articles…inspiration and enlightenment can come from anywhere if you are open to receiving it. My Bible has been a great tool to keep me on track in building toward who I want to become.

This week, I posted the description of a tarot card from the Mother Peace Tarot deck. The description was written by Vicki Noble, who created the cards and the manual that goes along with them. I believe in psychic abilities, but for tarot, I believe the cards you pull are what the universe wants you to know in that moment. I pulled this card, the daughter of discs and it struck me in that moment as very important. Take a read on Wifeotp.com under the Food for Thought tab. To me, this is about transformation and positivity. That sometimes it takes a transformation to create and keep positivity. Something to ponder this week.

Anyway, thanks everyone again for being so supportive, and thank you for the critics…I love you too! This is a learning process for me and how can you learn if you already have all the answers, and your POV is the only POV…not possible. So keep all your comments coming!

Enjoy your week.

Grace & Gratitude,

LeeAnn Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer