Sacrificing Boredom

This week’s blog post is about a quote from My Bible by Richard Bach. “In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice.” Wow, what a true statement. Boredom is so easy to slide into. I could watch endless episodes of Dr. Pol, America’s Vet. I could nap, nap, nap everyday. And boredom does have some value, I believe it can be the birthplace of creativity. To stave off boredom as a child, we would pretend, but the pretending would never have happened had we not first been bored. Sounds cyclical, now that I type it out.

I am leaving tonight to go to Vietnam with my dear dear friend Sandy. She is Chinese, but born in Vietnam and has business there. We also have to find her lost uncle and deliver 14 bars of Caress soap and some protein powder. And we are smuggling 7 pounds of Filet Mignon into this communist country for one of her friends. Oh, and did I mention, neither of us speak the language. She speaks cantonese and I speak redneck. Pray for us! I’m hoping we don’t end up in the Hanoi Hotel. Her plan is for us to nod until the person we are communicating with does what we want. Sounds feasible.

Unlike my husband, I am not a world traveller. Leaving home for 10 days takes a monumental amount of effort on my part. Organizing schedules, drop offs, pick ups, piano, tennis, softball, play practice, Girl Scouts, lunchboxes, dog walks, chicken feedings, Calgon, take me away!!! So I have to say, when the idea of my tagging along was presented, my first instinct was to say no. Too much trouble! Look at all I have to organize/schedule/pay for to be able to do this! It was a big threat to my boredom. I know, you’re probably thinking…ARE YOU CARZY?! No, I am not crazy, but I am a realist. And realistically, it takes 2 weeks of prep, and 1 week of post for 10 days of fun. And the reality is, there is no room for boredom if you’re going to live your fullest life. So, I have busted my ass to get house and home prepared for me to go on the trip of a lifetime. Boredom…kiss my ass!

Hopefully, I come back alive!

LeeAnn Kreischer